hanginaround for way way way way too long

We did it. We're officially free (anyone jealous?). I think it's good to know when to make your exits in life. For us, leaving a church is like leaving a marriage. Complicated. Complex. It's not like any one thing or any one argument does it; that would be silly. It's a multitude of things that add up to incongruency, like Phyllis said in the comments on the last post. A square peg in a round hole, but ironic in that it really did fit at one point in time.

So, drink a margarita for us, give your 'groove thang' a little shake and take this real audio link for a spin. Together we'll toast births and new beginnings (strangely appropriate in this season of Advent).

Hanginaround (Counting Crows)

[Justin thinks the 'way way way too long' part at the end is painfully redundant; I think it kind of mirrors our journey that way.]