A Beautiful Will

Nice things Amelia's Started Doing Lately
  • "tickling" my cheek with her fingertips
  • asking me to "Watch, Mommy!" when she's doing something exciting like shaking a red balloon
  • teaching her baby doll the hand motions to the Wheels on the Bus song
I am captivated by her beauty. I keep watching her, looking for a glimpse of the feminine spirit, and searching for what it looks like before it is tamed by rules and stunted by invalidation. Amelia is always present in the moment. She never regrets the past, or evaluates her choices, or worries about what we're doing an hour from now. She is free and wide awake to life in every moment.

The force of her will surprises me. She hasn't been instructed to placate and "be nice". She makes demands as a matter of course, without disclaimers, censorship or tact. I love the strength of her voice, even when I bump up against it like a brick wall. And she has a grip like death.

How do I parent such a soul? How do I preserve her spirit, cultivate her growth in a world that is like rocky soil in a thunderstorm? May God help me; there is much at stake.