give me a wink and a smile

Droopy Daisy is what we call this feeling at my house. I am weary and wondering: nap or afternoon coffee? I've been traveling to see friends the last couple days, and today was all about catch-up. I just don't know yet if that will include sleep. I'm caught in the tension between there's so much to do and sleep while you still can. Just over three weeks left until our new addition.

If I've been thinking about anything lately it's been about my daughter playing with my friends' children. There's something kind of circular about watching Amelia fall in love with the progeny of my favorite people that transfixes me. (Not to mention something unsettling about watching Ed's son wink at her.) It's most foreign with old friends, those who knew me before I was anyone's wife, let alone anyone's mother. I think of the friendship, love and companionship that Amelia soaks up eagerly, and all the more that is to come. It hints at a shared future that delights me.