back in the saddle

I'm still trying to catch up on the blogs I read, not to mention Zefrank. Writing new entries seems so daunting because there I'm faced with the backlog in my mind. I have been awake many hours in the last few weeks, sometimes in drug- or illness-induced delirium. I've thought several thoughts and been more isolated than usual. I could use a series of extraversion explosions. So I'll ease into posting again, lest I start something I have neither the time or attention span to complete.

Let's do some random thoughts about newborns:

  • They are so fragile with their tiny little digits and unmarked souls. I can't believe they give these to just anybody.
  • Newborns smell delicious to me.
  • Maybe if I shower them with enough love and adoration in their first days, first years, I could somehow innoculate them against the pain and heartbreak of life. The thought of my children being hurt undoes me.
One thing I remember vividly from Richard Rohr's Everything Belongs is something he said about prayer. He wrote about how the way we know things as infants (when we are pre-lingual) is kinesthetically. We infer from the way we are touched, held, and looked at by those around us whether we are lovable. By practicing centering prayer, he posits that what we are doing is placing ourselves in the gaze of divine love and over time coming to know ourselves and our true worth there.