our soul needs time

My mind has traveled great distances in the last six months. I started that time really searching for something, some way to articulate something I only intuitively felt, some explanation of why our former trappings no longer fit. I devoured one book after another, my brain reorganizing mechanistically around the new ideas. But during this last spell I keep remembering the words of my friend, Phyllis, who says, "Our souls can't shift as quickly as our minds. Sometimes our soul needs time to catch up." [Em: I hope I didn't ruin you by giving you all those books at once.]

I've set aside every piece of nonfiction and gone back to novels to find my desire to write being renewed. Someone told me that C.S. Lewis always wrote a work of theology and fiction simultaneously, expressing the same themes. I've written much about the ideas I'm examining, but I've neglected to keep expressing through my fiction writing what I only can sense intuitively; the parts that defy explanation or dissection. It's challenging to keep a foot in each world, as he did, or perhaps it only seems so because I'm not running at one hundred percent.