just to write something

What to write about . . . I'm feeling so rusty these days. Spring is amazing. We've been watching the birds and listening to them sing. Our allergies haven't hit in full force yet, so we are enjoying open windows and warm breath breezes. The park by our house added a playground to the open lawn theatre and wading pool fountains, and after our maiden voyage to explore the new toys today I think we'll be spending a good portion of our summer there.

Easter at the Cathedral was so lovely and moving all at once. It was the first Easter in some time that I haven't felt like I was at an evangelistic crusade. The message was relevant and respectful, and had I been visiting I wouldn't have experienced being made wrong, condemned to hell or harassed for not attending more regularly. Very pleasant. The Cathedral's motto is "Welcoming and Inclusive of All", and I feel so profoundly welcome whenever I am there that it has been months and I still can't get over it. It seems fitting to me, as though the kingdom of God itself should be a profound welcome. I love not cringing through any of it, but embracing the mysteries together. There's more to say some other time, but yesterday in the service I was just present to how happy I was.

That's all for now. I'm seriously jonesin' for some lemonade. Must. Find. Some. Now.