leavers, cont.

Thanks to Maggi Dawn for posting this link. The sequel to A Churchless Faith is out and it's called Five Years On: Continuing faith journeys of those who have left the church. Here is an initial reaction link: Prodigal Kiwi(s) Blog: My Initial Reaction to Reading Five Years On. This link is very brief, a quick read worth the trip over there.

The research for this study really fascinates me. So does this quote that Prodigal Kiwi includes in his response:
“This follow-up to A Churchless Faith is both fascinating and
disquieting – fascinating because it shows that people rarely stand
still in their journey of faith, whether or not they attend church, and
disquieting because it underscores once again just how irrelevant
or unhelpful the institutional church has become for so many
reflective and intelligent believers today.

This book provides further valuable insights into the growing
phenomenon of church leavers, whose protest the church ignores
at its own peril.”

--Dr. Chris Marshall (St John’s Senior Lecturer in
Christian Theology Victoria University Wellington)