three minutes . . . go

Ever since I wrote list, list go away I've been on a manic cleaning/organizing spree. That's right, I even cleaned the top of the refrigerator a couple days ago. Maybe it's hormonal, or perhaps just a new way to feel productive. My family spends the majority of our time in our home, so I will confess that it feels nice when that space feels clear.

Yesterday my sisters came over to keep me company during one such power production day. One of them has a one-year-old, the other still has her entire wits about her. Their presence feels like getting to wear that favorite pair of jeans, so tattered and loved that it is reserved for special occasions like needing to feel familiar and at home. The day got even better when the Michael Olaf supplies that I ordered for Amelia arrived, and it simply shot to the moon when I was surprised with a care package of my own. It really teaches me somewhere deep inside about unmerited favor, about grace, when I experience the kindness and generosity of those who have no reason to give them to me.

I forget how things like a new book, new tunes and chocolate can make one's day. It leaves me looking for how I can make someone else's.