not-so-sweet good-bye

We've had a heatwave here the last several days, with highs in triple digits. Yesterday Justin and I wanted to escape up to the mountains for a cool and peaceful get-away, so we dropped off Amelia and hit the road. On the way we were driving by Idaho Springs, home of the best donut shop around. A total dive, this place had been featured on the Food Network and named "Best of the Best" in Denver (and it's not even in Denver). Back when there was a prayer retreat center not far from there, we would stop on our way to day-long retreats for the sweet gems. Recently we took Amelia there on a Sunday morning, stopping by LOMCC to buy a Peter Hiett sermon on CD to listen to on the way down the mountain. It was one of those quaint places in which all of the locals stored their own mugs on hooks on the wall. While we sat there in bliss, I remember the woman working there telling a patron about how hard it is to compete against places like Safeway and Costco, and I wondered who in their right minds would dream of purchasing donuts from anywhere else when this place was nearby.

Yesterday as we steered into the strip at Idaho Springs, "For Lease" signs loomed large in the donut shop windows. Our shock was palpable. It was a bit of a Matrix moment for me, a something is not right with the world moment for me. Passing the Starbucks and McDonalds on the way back onto the highway only heightened my despair. I may never have reason to stop in Idaho Springs again.