happenings here

My changing sleep needs and a couple extra commitments this week have been squeezing out my blog time. It's not even simply a time issue as much as the fatigue and fuzzy brain syndrome when I do have the time. Here's a couple notes about what's happening here:

* I'm awaiting the delivery of a new hair treatment by Ouidad that I'm expecting will change my life (Monday's the big day). I have purchased the correlating equipment, and I am ready for hair transformation. (Look for blog updates)

* Last night I decided to look for a prayer book for Amelia. What I would really like are some age-appropriate liturgical prayers that line up with the rituals and rhythm of our day: mealtime, bedtime in particular. Anyone have an idea for me? Even just for prayers, not necessarily in book form?

* I'm finally getting to read A Churchless Faith by Alan Jamieson. It's comforting to find myself in its pages, and it's shown me that even when a couple both chooses to leave, it can be for different reasons and they can be at very different places in their journeys. This is definitely the case for my husband and me, as well as many in our community of leavers. It's nice to have some vocabulary and distinctions to help us see each other's place and point-of-view, particularly as we watch each other deconstruct in different ways and at varying rates.

* We're looking forward to time with friends in the upcoming days. Those we love are the wealth of our life. There is nothing so sweet as good company. It makes me think of a chorus of our new favorite singer, Katie Herzig, "Sweeter Than This". (Go to her site and click "Listen" in top left corner to hear the happy tune.) Many thanks to Meg for turning us onto her--you rock, yourself, sista.