Lately I've been sorting through my belongings in an attempt to get rid of anything unnecessary, broken or unused. We haven't moved in some time, so things that we used to pack and unpack every few months have been breeding in hidden cabinets, forming mischievious little tribes of clutter. Last weekend we unloaded an entire trunk of broken or obsolete items at our neighborhood's free electronics and computer recycling event. I feel physically lighter every day (which says a lot, being pregnant). The feeling of freedom from the tyranny of possessions (storing, cleaning, repairing, maintaining, reorganizing) launches me from one room of the house to the next, giving me the power to open and face the next closet.
My goal was to get rid of half my possessions before the baby's birth. I don't know that I'll make the 50% mark, but I'll keep working as long as my energy will hold out. At that point I will knit and rest for what may be the last time for some time to come.