quick bits

Let's see. I have so little time to touch this keyboard, I'm trying to think how I can fit everything in. We'll do a little list of mini-blogs:

  • My grandfather's funeral was on Friday, and I saw cousins and other relatives whom I don't see very often. I have so many friends who I would say know me more intimately than most my family, particularly my extended family, but by the time my funeral comes around may not even hear the news. They may have gone before me or moved or lost touch over the years. But these cousins, some of whom I only see a couple times every decade, could be there. It's a peculiar thing, this being related. You could be complete strangers but because of blood ties and a family tree end up at a memorial service.
  • My work with The Artist's Way is reconnecting me with my imagination. Last night I wrote a piece for a project I haven't touched in almost a year now. I was brushing my teeth and I could hear one of my characters opening the tale. After so many months it was a gift. I've been rereading Stephen King's On Writing and I love how he compares the story to a fossil that is found and then carefully excavated from the ground. I've been looking at my project, wondering if it's worth finishing or not, but I can't shake the feeling that there's a story to be told and I'm the one to tell it. The process may take me a couple tries, but I'm going to keep at it.
Out of time already. Till next time. . .