something I can believe

Just a quick note to say that we went back to mass at St. Frances Cabrini tonight. I realized during the service that the reason I keep going back is that when I'm there it feels easy to believe. And that's a rare occurance for me these days. When we were singing the lyric, "I'm laying down my pride for the promise of new life", I was thinking about what Julia Cameron was saying in the quote I posted yesterday about being superior, pretending that we're above our human nature, and the pride of it. How acting religious is the old way of life, what people did all the time before Jesus came on the scene. Jesus wasn't enthralled with the people who were busy acting virtuous, he told those folks they were missing the point. The kingdom of God is here. There's a new way of life available now. Heart transformation, not just white washing. Your love is extravagant, we sang. Suddenly I feel Your heart in mine, we sang. I'm telling you, that's something I can believe.