Red Sea

Time for just a couple thoughts. Getting rid of extraneous belongings feels like the same kind of cleansing for my soul that my body feels after a good fast. I am trying to trust the Red Sea of circumstances to stay parted until we get across. Each step I wonder if it will hold out until the end, but it seems silly to think the provision that got us this far won't get us to tomorrow.

The Israelites were forced to trust God each day for manna in a grand experiment to learn His faithfulness and to break the addiction of self-reliance. Losing that trust in the goodness of the Creator and the creation launches a chain reaction--it creeps into our trust of our fellow human being and erodes it until we are separated by chasms of fear and invulnerable to love's touch. The other option is to open oneself up and take the hits of darkness for the sake of standing for love, standing for the ability of life's light to keep us connected. That's the only environment in which community and compassion are possible.