Did anyone notice?

Did anyone notice that we're moving to Brooklyn? Just checking, since I slipped it into the end of that last post. We're looking for a place to live, getting quotes from movers, interviewing realtors, and trying to sort through all of the stuff we own. I'm thankful I've been decluttering since the beginning of the year so we're not starting from zero. I'm looking forward to seeing our new home soon. Amelia notified me after her nap yesterday that she had started packing her toys. I'm a little up and down all the time. Brave and excited one minute and entertaining fearful fantasies the next. Food is such a bother to mess with; sometimes I wish I could just live off of Starbucks beverages. My sister would tell me that some people do. This is a wide-open opportunity for adventure and I'm trying not to spoil it by slipping into what my counselor used to call my hypervigilant mode. I think that's a clinical way of saying super-bitchy, but I don't know. It sure sounds more sophisticated, but I don't know if my husband can sense the distinction. I will try to keep posting even though it's tempting to stay in a frenzy. Keep me in mind this week as I make a casting decision about the new Place Character. Peace.