So I'm still having issues loading images, which is problematic because I'm falling behind getting them posted. One day you'll come to my page to find Lee family album day. Or we'll move from blog-city, whichever comes first. I guess I'll just have to write about our weekend. sigh.

Moving Day was a little intense. There was some conflict between the guys regarding the wages, and then the sanitation trucks came by and said they couldn't pass the truck, they had to get through, so the eighteen-wheel moving truck would have to pack up and circle the block every time another trash truck came by. And there would be at least three more of those. I was thankful they came on Saturday and not earlier in the week when Justin was at work because there were two huge pieces that he had to dissassemble before the movers would bring them up the stairs. Paul and Emma on the first floor had invited Amelia for a playdate in the morning with their almost-two-year-old, Gavin, and Maggie upstairs took her up to visit her cats for several minutes later on. It's great to have neighbors who are helping us out so much when they don't even know each other yet. I think we lived in the burbs three or four years before we even knew any neighbors.

All paper and cardboard are recyclable here, which helps a little with my guilt over the waste generated by the move. No room has generated more paper waste than the kitchen. I thought I'd finished unpacking the kitchen on Saturday, but I kept finding more boxes for that room in other rooms throughout the weekend. I hate to say I'm finished now for fear of jinxing it. The prize for the apartment's biggest quirk goes to the refrigerator, which lives down the hall from the kitchen. Justin thought when he first saw the apartment that the delivery guys who brought in the new appliances just got lazy about fitting it through the kitchen doorway, but after visiting Maggie's and Emma's apartments, I noticed theirs lived in the hall and it is apparently intentional. Before we moved here I was concerned about the inconvenience of the strange location, but after a week of hauling two kids and a stroller up and down two flights of stairs, walking a few extra steps for the milk is hardly worth even mentioning.

Yesterday we strolled down to Sweet Melissa's Patisserie for coffee and scones/muffins/croissants. Yum. Then Justin popped into the Barber Shop for a trim and we walked up and down 7th Ave. looking for kid stores that might carry strollers. Amelia walked 17 blocks (short ones) before asking to ride in the stroller again. I think we'll take the train in to Justin's work at the end of the day on Friday to check out some strollers at Babies R Us. There's also a shop in Cobble Hill I might call on the recommendation of a guy I was interviewing about his stroller in Sweet Melissa's. Who knew this decision could be so difficult? I must not have anything better to do.

I'm going to make my first cup of coffee in the new place. Just as a side note, the Annual Brewing Sale at Starbucks may still be going on. I love my Barista espresso maker more than almost everything else I own. In case you've thought of getting one yourself, know that I recommend it.

Places to check out this week include the neighborhood park behind Amelia's school, a store called Stitch Therapy (in case I ever get to knit again), and The Artful Place, an art supply store that has classes every night for all kinds of mediums. We think Mark and Aidan will love a shop we saw called Somethin Else: Records and Vintage Clothes.

Better get back to the chilluns. Hoping to get our pics up soon.