"If only all the people in my house would just leave for two days, I could really get something done." --Devan

I wish I could just slam out all the work around here, but Amelia won't have it. We're trying to intersperse the work with fun, like the chocolate chip cookies we made this morning. My beloved recipe that I had just perfected for Denver altitude needs a little tweaking to be as great down here a mile lower. We'll deliver plates of them to the neighbors who have saved us in so many ways.

I want to make myself a T-shirt that says, "Moving Makes You High-Maintenance" to explain myself, or maybe apologize for myself to the world. Too bad T-shirt weather isn't coming for awhile. I had a good night of sleep last night (only two interruptions, compared to the previous night's six) and I can't believe the difference it makes. It feels like my brain can actually make a connection, like maybe today I won't do something stupid like eat lunch at a cash-only restaurant when I have no cash.

Amelia's physical is finally scheduled for tomorrow, so hopefully we'll complete her pre-K registration on the way home from there. That will be one detail down, 999,999 to go. Like getting a new phone plan. Last month we went over our minutes by 700 minutes, which wasn't cheap, I might add. I want to make more calls than we are, but until our new plan is set up I'm trying to be conservative. Then I need to call the bank and tell them something, but I've tried again and again and I can't figure out how to manuever through the automation to get a human being. In the meantime, my minutes are being wasted.

With all there is yet to do, I'm so confronted by the distraction that New York City is. We can't resist making one hunting-and-gathering trip, as Phyllis would say, after another. Then today, when my resolve to stay in and bring order to this chaos was strongest, I found out that Anne Lamott is speaking tonight at the BN by Justin's office. So I'll try to brave the subway alone with the girls, but we'll have to do it stroller-less. (By the way, we finally bought a city stroller. I sacrificed the high-traction, inflatable tires to get a 12-pounder with a shoulder strap to make the hike up to my third-floor walk up a bit more manageable with the two kids.)

I just saw Lucy roll over! She did it a couple weeks ago just when I stepped out of the room, but I caught her this time. Amelia makes up all kinds of songs for her. Today she was singing, "Lucy, you're a cutie bun. You're on your way, on your way to see Santa."

Try not to be too envious of us cutie buns tonight as we're on our way, on our way to see Anne Lamott.