gearing up for the weekend

We're getting ready for the weekend, tidying in case we want to invite our neighbors over on rainy Sunday and preparing to be gone most of tomorrow. I'm getting rid of more stuff tonight that I gave away on craigslist so I won't have to stick around on a Saturday and lug my stuff to the Salvation Army. I'm sure that we've given away enough since we began planning this move to furnish an entire apartment. Tomorrow we'll probably head to Manhattan, maybe return to Times Square. Visitors are coming soon, and now I'm motivated to scope out hot spots ahead of time.

I called one of my new friends yesterday, even though I really didn't want to. Afterward I was glad because I had forgotten how funny she is--I was laughing through the whole phone call. We're connecting next week and Amelia is so happy about having someone to play with since our new friends also have two girls close in age to ours.

Over the weekend I will be trying out a couple new ideas to help Lucy sleep better at night. I am so tired that forming complete sentences takes some work. Sleep is definitely my most precious commodity these days. Hopefully I'll get some rest and have something more noteworthy to say next week.