Little Lady Liberty's dress-up corner

This morning we had a staging exercise in Amelia's room. We hadn't tidied her room for days, and we hadn't significantly rotated the toys in four months. All the toys in the closet came out, and many that were out went into the closet. I made a dress-up corner by hanging a bunch of extra Command Adhesive hooks I had laying around on the wall next to her mirror and filling the neighboring shelves with her dress-up shoes, hair bows and purses. The whole time I kept thinking of our visit to F. A. O. Schwarz, a toy store made famous--at least in part--by the movie, Big . In one section they had what looked like nice quality, but ordinary, baby dolls on display. The staging was brilliant. The babies were lined up behind a glass window in three rows of clear plastic beds, to simulate looking through a nursery window at the hospital. Children looked through the window and selected the baby they would like to "take home". My cousin found them irresistible, and Amelia is still talking about Baby James, who came already named. (You can see a small picture of the set-up here.)

I'm proud to report that Amelia's room looked as appealing as a toy store when we were finished. All the babies were dressed again from head to toe ("They look great, mommy!") and the hooks were a big hit ("These are so tool!"). Just another exercise in appreciating the lovely things we already possess.

dress-up corner

amelia dressing

Little Lady Liberty: Amelia wears her favorite costume and poses in The Statue of Liberty corner of the room

little lady liberty