We spent yesterday recovering from the 4th. Wednesday was a busy day, beginning with a trip to IKEA in Long Island to get the last of our furniture, which had finally come in. Then we got back to the neighborhood around 4:00 and Amelia fell asleep in the stroller walking home, so we strolled through the neighborhood to give her time to rest. We stopped in to a local Pizzaria for some garlic knots, and one of the local goodfellas was chatting it up with me at the counter. Very surreal. Then we went to a barbeque in our building, where I met one of the writers for Vogue Australia. Justin was impressed (after he made her repeat it three times to understand through her accent), but I felt very weird and excused myself from the room. I think I was avoiding the part where the "go around the patio and answer, And What Do You Do?" got to me and I had to say that I'm home with the girls and I scribble in my journal while they're napping.

Finally we braved the crowds and the rain to watch the Macy's fireworks show from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, which was the most incredible show I've ever seen. I heard on the news they set off 40,000 fireworks in thirty minutes. We were so close we could see the machine that was setting them off on the water. Walking home, we treated Amelia to a Snoopy popsicle from an ice cream truck on the side of the road. It was a significant moment to me, because most of my memories involving ice cream trucks from my childhood are paired with the thought, That's Too Expensive. It felt indulgent to say, Yes. As we walked through the lights and the crowds up Montague Street, Amelia's ice cream rolled down her chin and dripped on her rain coat, and I felt really happy.

ice cream