Mom, I love you and Dad and Lucy and Rusty [teddy bear] and Soft Blankie. And I love myself. I love us all.

I am so desausted from playing Monster. I need to rest.

I am so exciting[ed]!

Mom, I'm playing Baby Doctor. I'm going to listen to Lucy's heartbeep. [Lucy, unwitting patient, sits with a stuffed red heart stuck down the front of her white onesie.] Uh-oh, it sounds broken. But don't worry, Mom, it's just pretend. It's not really broken.

Mom, today I'm being a princess. The yogurts [ogres] are attacking our castle. My name is Princess Circle and my sister is Princess Play-Doh Dress. The wolves are silly creatures, but they are coming to rescue us.

Princess Circle

Amelia's Princess Costume.

Her yellow hair (Lucy's bath towel) is inspired by Cinderella, hair bow inspired by Belle. Amelia wears this every day and sleeps in it every night. She only goes without it while it's being washed. A stranger on the street said today, "She must love that dress."