First Day of School

1st day with dad

1st day donut shop

1st day with backpack

Last week we celebrated the final days of summer before the start of the school year. We went to the library, the botanic garden, a fancy restaurant for chocolate sorbet, and enjoyed hanging with friends at the playground. The weather was warm and it was hard to get enough of being outdoors.

Amelia tried to settle one sand box dispute by disarming the boy who held her shovel hostage with good, old-fashioned friendship.

"Have you been to the art museum?" she asked.


"Have you been to the dinosaur museum?" she tried again.

"I saw dinosaurs on t.v."

"They're not real, you know. They are just bones."

And as funny as this seemed, the boy's shoulders relaxed and the shovel dropped down by his side.

Saturday we went to the dinosaur museum.

The night before school started, Justin climbed in bed and said, "I want to take Amelia out for a special breakfast before I leave in the morning to celebrate." Thus began the plan to visit the donut shop.

This week my time is chopped up into her introductory schedule: an hour and a half a couple days, a half day and finally a full day on Friday. I'm hoping to find my new groove by the end of next week. In the meantime, I have a million things on my mind, like all the projects I'd like to work on this month (writing, home organization, photo albums), and celebrations in my family like the 50th Wedding Anniversary of my Grandparents. Then there are important things like my hunt for new buttons for one of my jackets. It's a little noisy upstairs--ya feelin it?

So, lots on my mind with little time to write about it all now. For now I'm trying to keep walking through it all with the same confidence that Amelia dons each day with her little pink shoes.