Friday Flair

It's almost time to pick Amelia up from her first all-day session at school. Lucy slept for over three hours this morning, and I can't believe how much I got done. For me, achieving gives me a high not wholly unlike recreational drugs (I imagine). I've been singing the Perfect Day song from this movie.

I love when my home is ready for the weekend--clean enough to enjoy. Our babysitter is back from summer camp and is coming tomorrow from 4-8 so we can see this movie and dine alone. Then we should be home in time to savor the post-bedtime quiet. I can hardly wait.

On Fridays I generally feel like celebrating the end of the week, usually with something small like lit candles and china at dinner (hilarious with burgers and fries). I'm intrigued by little details that can transform a meal or an evening into something special. Today I'm remembering rare occasions on which my parents would make breakfast food for dinner, usually a big omelet. Chocolate milkshakes for dinner were so rare that it felt like the most delectable surprise when Dad would start whipping up a big batch in the blender. Omelets and chocolate milkshakes. Now I wonder what was happening in the lives of my parents that day to render such celebration.

I'm still working on which bit of flair I will add to our Friday night. Happy weekend to all.