Presumed2BMethrilled to be tagged
  1. I have a phobia of white foods based on my aversion to mayonnaise. You never know when mayo is disguised inside that Ranch dressing, sour cream . . . I ate plain marinara in the college cafeteria every day for a year before getting the nerve to sample alfredo sauce.
  2. I once received good advice that becoming an adult is about learning to be your own good parent and your very best friend, but I don't feel like a good parent to myself when I sneak food (mainly sweets) when my kids aren't looking. This happens most frequently in violation of my no-sweets-before-breakfast rule.
  3. When I add caffeine to the stimulation of conversation with my friends, I start talking excessively and I always blurt out, mid-story, mid-sentence: Am I talking too much?
  4. I hate showering. What a waste of time, that whole bathing-thing.
  5. When my baby was sick recently, I watched a marathon of America's Next Top Model while holding her feverish body. And liked it.
  6. If I were choosing paths other than my own, I also dream of being a folksinger. And a nun.