The Mastery of Ordinary Things

skateboarder, originally uploaded by jenleedotnet.

I can lose days and weeks tending to the Ordinary World, as I call it. The physical world around me. The place I live when I'm not lost in the voices and stories in my mind. When I come back to the Ordinary World after a hiatus, there is so much to catch up on. Mostly papers. Piles of papers everywhere. I think I am the only person in my clan whom this bothers, which annoys me when I'm aware of it, but is probably a gift for those times in which I neglect it and let it go.

I keep thinking about this skateboarder we saw a few weeks ago. He kept doing this jump, over and over again. Half the time he wiped out. My days often feel like this--trying again and then yet again to master a move I can see perfectly in my mind. Maybe today I'll hold onto patience and compassion with all my sick clan members. Okay. Maybe tomorrow. Yesterday? Not enough snuggles. Today? Nailed snuggle time. Patience well stayed full.

In the moments in which I hit this artful life I'm trying to weave, it feels like nailing this jump. It feels fantastic, magical. But many days and many moments it feels like making the run and crashing flat on my behind. Still I brush off, scoot back up the hill, and try again. It all matters, I believe. It's all worth mastering--possibly, the ordinary things most of all. Snuggles, piles of paper, and patience are my masters this week--who are yours?