Photo: Orchids from my local farmer's marketSolstice
  • Knit, knit, knit. This helps me so much I cannot even explain it.  I don't know if it's the slowing down, the being present, the rhythm, or the serotonin it juices up in my brain, but I swear this gets me through the winter when my defenses take a dip.  Making gifts for my loveys gives me something sweet to think about while I work, as well.
  • Listen carefully. Today I am not listening to a single program about the economy.  Might have a news-free day, and just vamp out at my latest find, themoth.com.  (Thanks, Maggie!)
  • Gather the gang. I am having some artist-mom-friends over for our weekly meeting.  Hearing about their projects will get me out of my head about my own.  Face-to-face company with uplifting people is always a sure remedy.
  • Boost the body. This time of year it becomes incredibly helpful (and easily overlooked) to care for my body.  I'm fighting two seasonal powers: cold and dark.  This means if I can take good care to keep my body warm (sweaters, slippers, hot drinks all day long) and light (curtains ALL OPEN and walking outdoors in whatever light we have to work with), it does wonders for my mental and emotional wellness.  Think I'm nuts?  Just try it--just for today.  Get your body warm NOW.  Open all the curtains, and tell me your outlook doesn't brighten, as well.