Space-Lifts In September

flowers from anna, originally uploaded by jenleedotnet.
  1. Add and Subtract: Do the math with your resources. How many things can you use that you already own?  What new pieces will be needed?  Which of your possessions can you part with now?  (Be brutal.)  I think what we pass along to others transforms our spaces even more dramatically than what we add to them.  My goal is to always subtract more than I add.
  2. Take Time Times Two. Double the time you expect every single task to take.  There will be furniture delivered without hardware.  There will be mix-ups with your transportation or delivery plans.  A trip to IKEA when you know what you want and are only purchasing three pieces of furniture really can take seven hours.  Trust me.
  3. Feed your inspiration. I have a collection going of the art I'm displaying in my new workspace, along with kind notes from my friends.  The idea of these things having a home and being on display is pulling me forward, through the messy in-between time that I dread.
  4. Keep your magic weapons in hand. I know that my magic weapons for dealing with chaos are dishes and laundry.  No matter what condition the rest of my living space is in, if I stay on top of the laundry and the dishes I know I won't fall into despair.  Know your bottom line for keeping your sanity, and guard it with your life.
  5. Don't put it off. The sooner your workspace aligns with your goals and dreams, the faster you can get back in action, and the more productive you will be.