Time Slides

Planning a project launch is a little like planning a wedding, or any other event, in that no matter how much work you try to do ahead of time, there is always a flurry of activity to attend to at the end.  I am definitely at the end now, with an exciting new collection coming very soon.  I'm also in the last week of school for my oldest girl, who just got sick last night.  I hope she makes it back to school soon and doesn't miss the end-of-the-year celebration. Time is sliding so quickly.  I'm trying to keep it feeling fun and playful, like when my girls launch down the curly slide at the playground.  It spins, they speed up, the twists and turns leave them feeling disoriented at the bottom--but it's all inside of an experience called, fun.  Even when they're nervous on the first few times down, even when they're scared because they didn't mean to topple mid-journey and wind up head-first at the bottom, they are still clear that they are having fun.

I'm taking this lesson from them today.  Time slides.  It leaves you dizzy and disoriented, it sometimes shoots you down and other times ooches you slower than you hoped.  You can have all kinds of feelings in your chest and your tummy as you ride.  But however it goes, you can always be having fun.