August Inspiration: LIVE underground

NYC Sounds:LIVE underground:Canon 7D,1080/24p from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

This morning I'm watching the sun rise in Denver. This geography is in my genes and in my blood, and in a way my heart carries with me the Rocky Mountains and their sister prairies everywhere I go.

My heart also feels tethered to New York City, no matter where our travels take us away from home. I joke with my husband that the city feels like my other life partner--it's just such a strange sense of partnering and belonging that is hard to articulate. 

Maybe that's why I woke thinking of this film this morning. The musicians, dancers, and performers of all kinds who perform underground (literally) are an endless source of curiosity, inspiration and wonder for me and especially for my girls. I always feel indebted to their courage and boldness. So if you'd like to be transported straight to the heart of this world, give this short film by Mike Kobal a spin.

And think of us as I start shooting the new documentary project here with Phyllis Mathis and Jolie Guillebeau tomorrow.