Horizon Perfekt, Lomo 400 35mm film

I'm feeling so much better now that story has been told.  It seems that my New York friends even still like me, which is a bonus.  Today I'll let myself land squarely in love.  I'll talk to my security blanket friends on the phone, and they'll say, We told you it would be fine, and I'll say, I wouldn't have done it if part of me didn't believe you.  We will poke fun at how such a small little story can turn me into a nervous wreck, and I will laugh because some people think that I'm brave but being a nervous wreck is such a funny way for brave to look.

I'll lay off writing a bit and take the cameras out for a spin. Until I start sneezing and cursing the pollen and retreat back into my little hermitage.

And then, next week, I'll put my name in a hat for the chance to do it all again.