Collaboration Preview: Christine Mason Miller, Liz Kalloch

Photo by Justin Davanzo.

Photo by Justin Davanzo.

Christine Mason Miller and I were fortunate to become friends at just the right time in both of our journeys. She is a friend and support of artists: mentoring them and championing their work, all while creating her own work in the world with steadiness and grace. 

Liz and Jen.jpg

Liz Kalloch's friendship continues to be a hand that reaches out and grounds me, and I wish I had a hundred merit badges to give her for all the times she has laced me back up and helped me find my way. 

This week Christine and Liz and I will gather for the Indie Kindred screenings in Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, but I'll be celebrating the togetherness we've woven all along the way and letting their love and belief restore my weary bones. 

It will be more than good to be together. 

To see if we have tickets left for these screenings or others in Vancouver, Brooklyn and Melbourne, check here