Film Stories: Anne

I started the way we so often do--by looking for someone with more talent to pass the assignment off to.

Don't get me wrong--there were some moves I suspected I had, like being able to locate the story and weave it together. But doing the shooting and filming myself--well, honestly it didn't even occur to me. I was smitten and in awe of what other artists could do through the lens. 

And I knew one of them would be perfect.

That's when I reached out to Anne, essentially in the hopes that she would make this movie for me, I mean with me. Anne is woven most tightly in our kindred fabric and we were excited about the idea of working together, but our logistics would simply not line up.

I was walking down the sidewalk to my daughter's school when it really sank in.

I had to shoot it myself.

But here we are, a year later.  When I look at what Anne and I have made since then (my first documentary done, and Anne's screenplays written and her short film just submitted to a festival), it only confirms what I was reluctantly seeing at the time.

We needed to do our own work.

And it was time to do it.