Iconic in the Making: Clark Kent Tanks, Part One

 It all started one day on Twitter.



The thing we all laugh about is how on paper, Peter Aguero (@TheBTKBand, whom you may remember from Telling Your Story) and I shouldn't have a blessed thing in common. I think Brad Lawrence once described the hypothetical combo as mixing battery acid and mother's milk, and then at our first performance together it somehow worked to everyone's surprise (except perhaps Peter's, who would say he knew it all along).


Peter is a badass if ever I knew one and I am without argument a gentle spirit, but he knows I can be a badass, too, even (and especially) when I don't. And I know without question he's one of the gentlest spirits around. So I loved this quote so much, how it spoke to the parts we wear plainly as well as the flip side we hold close to the chest.


photo by Bella CirovicBut my most immediate thought was, I need that on a shirt! That inner badass is so hard for me to reach sometimes, so hard to remember and to own that I knew I needed a reminder that she was there. So I made myself a shirt, a tank top that I could wear underneath everything. No one needed to know it was there but me, and like Clark Kent's Superman shirt beneath his suit, it would keep my alter ego ever present.


I had Bella photograph me in it, which wasn't easy. You saw a final pose, which I could actually only hold for a second. There are takes on either side of me laughing at myself. But like Brad said, a second is all you need if you can catch it. That image gives me something to live into, a reminder of who I am becoming and the parts that are making their ways from the invisible places to the visible ones, from being worn on the inside to being worn out in plain sight.


And that is what The Iconic Self is all about. I knew these things belonged together, and from the responses of my friends alone I knew I wasn't the only one who could use this shirt. Whether you're comfortable with your badass self but reluctant to own up to that inner gentle spirit, or the other way around, this shirt will remind you of your full range of capacities and invite you to play all the way across them.


The "Gentle Spirit" Clark Kent tank is available as part of The Iconic Self Home Retreat Kit, or for individual purchase.

$30 USD, ships free worldwide

Photo by Bella Cirovic"Gentle Spirit" Clark Kent Tanks feature black print on a white background. Perfect for layering under other items, this runs small so size up if possible.