It's Okay to Be Quiet

It's okay to be quiet.  You don't need to give the full report just yet, you may not need to give it at all.  Reporting requires understanding, and sometimes you just need to follow the path and see where it leads before you know where you are.

It's okay to be quiet.  You can declare your hope in a loaf of bread you bake by hand, you can put unnecessary things on the stoop as an act of faith in future provision.  You can let the apple pie you're making invite company, and the space you're preparing for friends invite joy.

It's okay to be quiet. You can say all you really need to say with one look, with one touch.  You can express your gratitude for his love in the way you smile when you see him come into the room. You can let them know how they melt your heart in the tenderness of your kiss on their foreheads.

The words are the last thing to arrive, but the love is here all along.