Join Us: The Iconic Self Online Experience

What IS The Iconic Self, anyway? Watch the brand-new, 3-minute interview above to find out more.

Though this ground-breaking work has been years in the making, Phyllis Mathis and I have taken our time translating The Iconic Self into an online experience, primarily because two vital ingredients for the transformational power of this journey are presence and conversation. Early feedback of other online courses was fraught with disappointment in these two areas--primarily with the absence of instructors' presence and participation in any conversation resulting from the material offered.

We are the first to argue for the power of in-person, immersive learning experiences like the retreats we've shared previously. But up against the limitations inherent with such gatherings, we looked for new ways to share this journey in a way that remains infused with presence and conversation.

First, we went into a professional recording studio and shared the personal stories and hard-won insights that both form The Iconic Self and invite listeners around the world into this unique path--neither therapeutic or expressly spiritual in nature, and yet a welcoming and inclusive in-road to the process of soul integration. 

Having this content in the realm of voice--physical voice--brings listeners right into the room with us. It expands our circle of friendship into an open embrace. It adds a layer of humanity, expression and depth beyond what's possible through the written word alone.

We were delighted to share the audio learning program with you, as well as the home retreat kit designed to support your journey wherever you are, around the world.

Then in the last several months, Phyllis partnered with Live It to the Full to author and craft online experiences infused with her presence in the virtual classroom and a culture of conversation that extends beyond her responses to every comment and becomes contagious and fluent among the participants, as well. (If you've heard her interview on Retrospective about constituting one another in conversation, you already know this is a core value for her.)

Now, equipped with both a presence- and conversation-rich audio program AND a presence- and conversation-infused virtual classroom model (which includes a live, recorded conference call), we invite you to join us for The Iconic Self Online Experience. You can read all about it here, and register before the maximum capacity fills (only 25 participants). Our availability for live events is limited this season, but we crave your company and companionship as we sink deeply into the journey that changed everything for us. Please join us!

We are also thrilled to feature photography by Bella Cirovic throughout The Iconic Self Online Experience.