Merch: Available Online for a Limited Time

This year, for the Squam Art Fairs, I designed a small line of apparel.  It seemed like a fun and light-hearted project.  But once my items arrived, I couldn't believe how soft and comfortable they were, or just how good it felt to wear those words close to my heart.  It felt amazing, as if something true could seep into me by osmosis. 

They felt so good that I didn't want to wear anything else.

Some people noticed the shirts in the Spring Squam pictures and enquired about them.  I don't like anyone to be left out, so I'm making them available here on a temporary Merch page--for how long, I do not know.  I'll try it out for a week or two, and see how it goes.  I'm not set-up right now to ship the apparel items internationally, but that may come.

I'm so happy to share the soft and cozy goodness with you.  Go on over, and get 'em while you can.

Photo by the amazing Tracey Clark.