Open Studio Hours and Essential Apparel, baby

Let's talk!

I'd like to experiment with using the Google+ Hangout feature to hold Open Studio Hours where I'll be available to live video conference with Essential Journey course participants. Whether you've completed your course or it's in the mail on its way, whether you're working on Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Story or The Iconic Self, I would love to see you and check in. What are your intentions, what breakthroughs are you having, or what questions have come up?

I will also experiment a bit with days and times--with participants around the world it's difficult to hit all the relevant time zones at once. My first Open Studio Session will be next Thursday, February 2nd, from 10-11am EST. I believe we're limited to 10 participants in each session. If you'd like to join me, send me a quick note using the contact link above, just to let me know what course(s) you are working on or may have completed. I'll send out a reminder email next week, along with some quick instructions regarding how to join us. If the timing of this first session doesn't work for you, let me know what days or times might and I'll keep you posted about other Open Studio Hours in the upcoming weeks.

The Iconic Self launched yesterday, and all the fun shirts we posted last week are also now availalble, either as part of the Home Retreat or individually:

Remember Who You Are

Essential Apparel: Iconic Shirts

$30 USD, ships free worldwide



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"So Good" Vintage Tees feature intentionally distressed edges, super-soft cotton and light blue text. These run small, so size up if possible. This design is also available in our popular Curvy Girl style (Gildan UltraCotton shirt), which runs true to size (see drop-down menu).




"Closet Genius" Clark Kent Tanks are soft and stretchy with navy print. These run small, so size up if possible.




"Gentle Spirit" Clark Kent Tanks feature black print on a white background. Perfect for layering under other items, this runs small so size up if possible.