Self Care: Not a Luxury, a Necessity

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In the latest episode of Retrospective, meet my long-time friend Caren McLellan Gazley, who is the author of Ritual & Rhythm: A Guide to Creative Self Care. One of the biggest obstacles to taking good care of ourselves are the internal conversations we have about being selfish/being of service and more. You'll love hearing Caren's story, which has taken her all over the world, and her deep but pragmatic wisdom about how to sustain a life of passionate contribution.

I remind myself so often lately that the more work there is to get done, the more intentionally I must rest. It's a new way of life to learn, but for me it has meant the difference between burn-out and endurance, between feeling despair and a life that always holds space for joy.

Listen to our conversation, and check out our books for more in-depth guidance on creating inside environments of care:

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