A Short Update from The Bottom of The Well

In Colorado, this time last year.

In Colorado, this time last year.

I've had to admit a few things to myself recently. The harder I'm thinking, the quieter I get. I feel I should be writing more or saying more, but it's like the bucket is still down in the bottom of the well. Deep and dark and not a peep to be heard, but lowering and filling aplenty.

And I'm also in that stage with new creative possibilities where ideas and projects need to be held closely and incubated away from explanation or description or display.

So much brewing, yet so little to say about it all.

But still I am lonely for this space and communal company, so I will check in with you this morning the best I can, trusting that you will hold my limitations as kindly as ever.

What's Happening Over Here:

  • You may have noticed that I've been giving the site a little redesign. There are still a couple bugs and a few more pages and features coming this fall, but in the meantime I hope it's a bit easier to find your way around than before. You can guess from the simple presentation that my eyes are weary from the visual overload they so often experience online--if yours are weary, too, I hope they find refuge and solace here.
  • I will be back in Colorado next week, leading a new workshop with Phyllis Mathis on the 19th. Newcomers to The Iconic Self will get a taste of what's it's all about, and those who know this work well will enjoy the continuation we're creating with new stories, exercises and wisdom in "Who's Driving the Bus?" It will be an intimate gathering with Phyllis and me, and our dear friend Jolie Guillebeau will even be in the house. I'm hoping all our Rocky Mountain friends will join us--there is always so much magic when we are together for these transformational conversations.
  • To celebrate The Iconic Self LIVE in Denver events, we're offering a special on The Iconic Self course materials and retreat kits, including a new Month-by-Month option that is budget-friendly and will bless your mailbox FOUR TIMES. (We love sending good mail.) These audio resources are truly the next best thing to being together in person, and they pack some serious wisdom.
  • You can find more upcoming events here.

Okay, more soon, my friends. More soon.