slow, steady steps

photo by Tracey Clark, polaroid of me by Andrea Jenkins, aka Hula

My travels are over and my visitors are gone. For the first time since July, there isn't another thing just around the corner.  I'm dreaming of hibernating for the winter.  Of not leaving Brooklyn soil for a good long time. 

What I have now is some space.  Space to pull my home back into order, one room at a time. (Maybe I'll post some photos.) Time to catch up with my friends.  Room to just stare at the wall or out the window, until all that I have seen and done and been seeps from my surface down to the core.

I can finally look through photographs, and register in a new way: I was there. That was us. We did that.  Expectation has finally given way to remembrance.

Today is a school holiday, and I hoped for an adventure. But we all seem under the weather, so I think a day at home with cookie-baking and movies may be in order.  I'll pick something up, and put it away. Hang something new on the wall.  Then I'll look again at the photographs, then out the window, and take a few slow, steady steps toward home.