Studio Updates, A Giveaway and An Invitation

Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

Alright, here's what's happening over here: after several days of family celebrations and adventures, I'm back in the studio and my mind feels a little bit on fire, working on three different projects like invisible mental Rubik's Cubes.  But my body is feeling the aftermath of all that fun, so I'm doing my best to rein it in.  I'm going to make some potato and leek soup, and probably some hot cocoa.  

But I want to check in and let you know about a few things that are going on, and a few ideas I'm cooking up.  I had a great time performing at The BTKristmas Show on Monday night--you can see a few photos from the night here.  I also have a piece up this week at Tracey Clark's I Am Enough Collaborative, which is a lovely collection of stories, confessions and healing moments. 

Tomorrow I'm going into the recording studio to work on some new resources for next year, which is exciting.  And today I am celebrating the week's Shipping Special (free domestic, discounted international) with a giveaway.  One commenter will receive a shirt of her choice, and a handwritten letter from me.  The Shipping Special runs through Thursday night, and I'll pick a winner tomorrow morning.

Which brings me to my morning walk.  I was thinking about the giveaway, and how I wish I could write every one of you dear readers a hand-written letter.  Then I realized I want my new project (still in its conception phase) to be just that--a letter to you, companions near and far.  It's been difficult to shape because I'm not always sure what questions you are carrying in your chest or what comfort you need to buoy you from this wave to the next.  I'm staring at piles of story beads and thought threads and trying to figure out which ones you need, how best to string them into a row.

So here is my invitation: tell me what letter you most need to receive.  It could be a specific question you have about finding your voice, telling your story, or cultivating your creativity, or just something you would like to hear more about.  It could be the question you never stop asking, or the curiosity that just arrived on your stoop this morning.  One of you will receive a hand-written response from me along with the shirt of your choice, but then I will take all of your responses back to this mess of beads and string and see what labor of love I can make for you next.  (Perhaps even a Letters series here.)

If you want to send your request to me privately, email me through the contact page.  Otherwise, leave it in the comments.  Thank you for the ways in which you are always with me on the journey--in the quiet, and in the mental Rubik's-turning craze.