Summer Dream Lab

Horizon Perfekt, Kodak Portra 400 35mm film If we could see a value spectrum for our culture, I suspect that rest, play, and kindness to ourselves would be found at the bottom of the list.  These are things that we don't value--things we think are the rights of children but the luxuries of adults.  We think that if we're not cracking the imaginary whip on ourselves that nothing will get done.  We view these things often as enemies of productivity and work.  This is why we get so weary, and why the work coming out of us gets thin.

But I'm learning all the time that these three things are like secret weapons--they are access points to energy restoration and rich, vibrant creation.  If your creative self is the hen that lays the golden eggs, these things are the hen's shelter, organic feed and water.  In my experience, everything in my life works in direct proportion to the degree to which I'm winning my rest, play and kindness to myself games.

This is why I am so excited that Mondo Beyondo is hosting a Dream Lab this summer for us to delve into the secret weapons of rest, play and kindness to ourselves--cultivating our foundation of care and setting us up for a creative explosion on the other side.  I can't wait to feed that golden-egg-laying hen until she is happy and bursting.

Come play with us in the Dream Lab this summer, come rest with us and experience the power of kindness with us.  At the end, we'll shake our heads together at how we ever lived any other way.

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