Simple Life



--The Weepies, "Simple Life"

(Left: This is my favorite coffee cup right now, from Leaf & Bean. It makes my inner child smile.)




Today is an intense day for many of us. Amelia's school lobby will be full of voters, as well as PTA volunteers running a fund-raising bake sale. After dropping off juice and cups yesterday (the items I'd signed up for), I received a barely intelligible note requesting I bring oatmeal muffins. The request seemed so random and last-minute that I planned to decline. Then I remembered that I sent oatmeal muffins for the last bake sale, so this could be an encore request.

Well, in that case . . . I suppose I could whip up a few. (I'm up by 5:30 with the girls, anyway.)

It made me breathe deeper when I heard NPR announce this morning on Morning Edition that they would not be reporting on the election today in order to give listeners space to think about their votes. Tonight as results come in, they will resume their coverage. That expressed so much respect to me, a sense of sanctity, if you will.