losing my cool over being mommy

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Admittedly self-indulgent Brooklynite who refuses to get lost in Babyland: I like graffiti, sneakers, 1992, text messages, post-modern feminism, E!...and hanging out with Hayes! I love being called mommy but I hate being identified as one. I actually remember life before baby--because it was fun! Now there is just more of life to enjoy. My two-year-old keeps me running, and I make sure we both stay laced. Because being mommy is just another part of life that I refuse to lose my cool over.
  • my children have been sick for weeks—they should be well by now
  • Lucy's over a year old—I should be able to sleep through the night
  • I should be able to keep the apt. beautiful, eat healthy meals, write a long project, shower regularly and delight in my children—simultaneously and all the time.