making it

Julia CameronThe Right to Write
It is interesting to me that we ask a question about the writing life that we do not ask about other professions. For example, we do not say, "What are your odds of making it as an investment banker? As an elementary-school teacher? As a chemist?" In those, and most professions, we assume that an interest in pursuing the career implies a probable proclivity for it and a reasonable chance for success. Not so with writing. The truth is, when you want a writing career and are willing to do the work to get it, the odds work with you, not against you. This is simple metaphysical law. As Goethe advised us, "Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it--for action has magic grace and power in it."

losing my cool over being mommy

NYC Moms BlogMy Purple Hayes Days
Admittedly self-indulgent Brooklynite who refuses to get lost in Babyland: I like graffiti, sneakers, 1992, text messages, post-modern feminism, E!...and hanging out with Hayes! I love being called mommy but I hate being identified as one. I actually remember life before baby--because it was fun! Now there is just more of life to enjoy. My two-year-old keeps me running, and I make sure we both stay laced. Because being mommy is just another part of life that I refuse to lose my cool over.
  • my children have been sick for weeks—they should be well by now
  • Lucy's over a year old—I should be able to sleep through the night
  • I should be able to keep the apt. beautiful, eat healthy meals, write a long project, shower regularly and delight in my children—simultaneously and all the time.