Phyllis Mathis

Your Life in Tune

I love the name of your coaching practice: Resonance. Your life in tune. One thing I've been thinking about lately are the things in which we're good at diagnosing, like going to the dentist when we have a toothache.  But, with coaching--how can we diagnose when coaching is the answer to what ails us? Now, I would pay money just to be friends with you (I probably shouldn't admit that), because the conversations we have are so clarifying for me. But in the role of a coach, what exactly is in your tool belt? I don't hear people in the west talk much about body, unless something's broken.I can see that with my kids.Lucy (age two) actually slumps forward when she walks--like Charlie Brown--when she's bummed out. So in coaching do you recommend dismantling the override? Can you do this kind of work over the phone, or only in person?What are you tuning in your own life?Phyllis Mathis is the founder of Resonance Coaching. She's been a psychotherapist, working in the  field of Counseling Psychology since 1992.  She's been trained in Ontological Coaching at Newfield Network, the  premier coaching institute in North America.