And Then We Were Friends

First we were both fans of another blogger.  Then we were fans of each other, and then?  Then we were friends, talking on the phone about some of life's great dilemmas.  Jennifer McGuiggan has been one of the happiest surprises the blog world has brought me this year.  She brings a heightened sense of awareness to the world, which makes her a lovely, poetic writer.  She is honest, most of all about herself.  This makes her my favorite kind of people. When we talked about doing an interview on her site, The Word Cellar, and kicked around the different ways we could make that happen, I said, You know what I would really love?  An audio interview. And wouldn't you know that girl made my dream come true. We are both older and wiser now, and very pleased to bring one of our heart-to-heart conversations to the blogosphere. I will confess that I divulged more than I intended, which to me is the sure sign of a great interviewer.  So, if you've ever been curious about where the idea for Don't Write: A Reluctant Journal came from, you'll want to click over to hear all about the real-life struggle out of which it was born.  We talk process.  We talk privacy.  We even talk SolsticeClick on over, and please leave Jenn a comment to let her know if you appreciate her hard work.
Also, I'm collecting reviews of Don't Write: A Reluctant Journal and Solstice: Stories of Light in the Dark.  Email me at jen(at)jenlee(dot)net with any reactions to one or both of these projects that you would like to share on this site.