Podcast: Why Ya Doin' It?

Photo: Caren at Pearl River Market

Raise your hand if you still don't have your plan together for your Portfolio Project.  Look around.  You're not alone.  In a previous podcast, I talked about listening to your intuition and your creative source to help you discern which work to take on.  In today's podcast, I add two more exercises, Take Your Temperature and Why Ya Doin' It, that may prove helpful for all of us in clarifying our goals, but also our motivation for the upcoming 12 weeks. We have a broad range of artists playing the game, from those who are just starting to honor the nudges that are telling them, paint, write, shoot, make--to the "professionals", who are borrowing the structure for a game already in progress.  There is room for all. If you think you know what to do, but the waiting for New Year's Day is making you over-think or get crazy in the head, by all means, begin already. It's not worth the neurosis just to wait for the calendar to catch up.  Many of us are already playing.  If you're still honing the plan, but looking for an activity in the meantime to set you up for success, join Magpie Girl and build a home for the negative voices in your head so they can finally pack their bags and move out. I hope the podcasts aren't too long.  I wish I had time to edit them so they'd be smooth and silky for you, but I'm playing the Portfolio Project game, so I need to keep this fast and dirty.  I love hearing from you all!

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