Traveling, and The Missing


Sometimes I miss the wisdom of traveling at the speed of man and animal.  My body and my soul are jarred by air travel, and they need days to catch up.  There is the way our first night is interrupted by little tummies that are confused by a day with two meals instead of three, or requests during slumber of "Papa, now!"  Or the empty fridge that says I must go find something to put in it, to put in us.  The words and images of the last week and a half that swirl in my mind so it feels like it may be a week before I can even answer, How was the trip? And then there are all of you, who have been so patient for me to return to this space and our work together.  In a way, I am back--but in another way I am not still really here yet.  So please accept this little piece as my offering for the day and send restful thoughts my way.  It is a draft I jotted on the plane yesterday.


waiting for hardware, waiting for health

I can't believe Lucy's asleep, and all you want to do is take a nap yourself!  There are Things To Do.  At least twenty of them.  The list keeps growing, in fact, because you feel just good enough to keep adding things to it, but not well enough to cross any of them off.  You're just being lazy (unwanted identity), weak (unwanted identity), or depressed (unwanted identity).  If you could just have a positive attitude, you'd have more energy.  If you would only have a big enough Purpose, you could haul your butt off the couch.  If you just Cared More, we wouldn't be having this