The Anatomy of Discovery, Part Four: Complexity and Layers

This week features a series of posts to unpack and unfold the anatomy, so to speak, or design of The Iconic Self Online Experience to give you a window into how it works and why it is such a distinctive offering. But these elements are also core elements of all of our Soulful Journey offerings, and things my friends and collaborators looks for as hallmarks in our own journeys of resources that we trust and ultimately rely on. Our own experiences of powerful discovery all have these things in common--so whether or not The Iconic Self Online Experience is your right thing at your right time, my hope is that this Anatomy of Discovery will regardless help light your way.

Part Four: Complexity and Layers

In these video interview outtakes, I talk about the inherent difficulty in creating concrete forms for experiential encounters and articulating complex conversations.

These clips just came to mind when I was thinking about part four of the anatomy of discovery.

Complexity and layers are good antidotes for the gimmicks and cliches we swim in all day long.

Some of the layers built into The Iconic Self Online Experience include:

  • presence
  • story
  • community
  • conversation (written, recorded audio and live call)
  • your own creativity and ingenuity
  • strong visual images and photography
  • action and application

Read  more about how these layers work together for rich interactions and deep discovery, and register before it fills up!